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Why we'll live in a Smart City: infographic

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Reasons why we will all live in a smart City

According to UN estimates, urban areas will add 2.5 billion people to their already massive populations by 2050. Cities will have to make space and provide the necessary resources if they want to remain liveable. Otherwise, infrastructure will crumble and both sanitary and social emergencies may arise. Old urban paradigms are not ready to cope with this kind of growth. Smart cities are the solution.

Why are smart cities necessary?

Smart cities are the only path to sustainability. Using advanced technologies such as digital twins and big data, cities can vastly increase the efficiency of critical infrastructure, from waterworks to public transportation. But smart cities are not just an exercise in utility management. They are meant to serve the citizen. As such, they are also attuned to the needs and wants of their inhabitants, promoting inclusion and wellbeing.

Where and how much is being invested in smart cities?

Investment in smart cities reached a record high 34 billion in 2020, with Europe leading the charge. However, China's megacities are becoming smarter at light speed, while the Asia-Pacific region is expected to become a global leader in areas such as smart energy, owing to their necessities.

Photo | Simon Zhu/Unsplash

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