Urban Water Management: Making every drop count
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A solution to better water resource management.

Using open earth observation data, such as satellite images, WEO will extract and process water resource management information by applying its proprietary deep learning algorithms, employing other modelling tools and validating the outputs with high resolution ground sourced data. Products and services will be available in the form of maps, tools, consultancy and training.

These will be provided in various formats through a WEO owned cloud based processing, storage and visualisation platform. The products for sustainable urban water management are: Flood mapping, Impervious area mapping, Green roof allocation mapping, Water quality mapping and Drought risk and hazard mapping.

WEO - Water information using Earth Observations


WEO infogram Download document


Company Link: www.weo-water.com

E-mail: iweerasinghe@weo-water.com

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Product Link: www.weo-water.com

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