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Unicard: Multimodal transport made easy

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A platform to help local authorities, transport operators and regional bodies truly deliver Mobility as a Service.

The world of transport is changing fast, but for mobility-as-a-service to truly deliver, it must find a way to blend traditional modes of transport like rail, bus and tram with the latest innovations in electric vehicles, micromobility, and autonomous vehicles.

Otherwise, passengers are left with a confusing and disconnected experience that risks pushing them back towards private cars. Two elements will be crucial to this: open and integrated data across transport modes, operators, regions and authorities based on common standards; and flexible, easy-to-use, multi-modal smart ticketing. With 18 years' experience of experience processing more than half a billion transactions a year, today Unicard platform is helping local authorities, transport operators and regional bodies meet the requirement for multi-modal scheme and customer relationship management that is flexible and token agnostic (smartcard, EMV, smartphone and others); pre-certified integrations with existing transport standards and hardware like ITSO and RDG-certified rail ticketing; real-time data collection and integration through APIs for both traditional modes like bus and tram and new mobility assets like eScooters or dockless bikes; simple tools for reporting, data visualisation and policy makin; easy-to-use apps for members of the public to manage their travel and staff members to keep schemes running smoothly; programmes for socially-inclusive travel; a thriving mobility marketplace and fresh approach to transport innovation.

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