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Priorities of local and regional governments for a smart recovery and the UCLG Decalogue on the Post-COVID-19 Era
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Cities and territories are prominent actors in the promotion of peace, solidarity, and local democracy and foresee a decentralized world with strong community participation based on multi-level governance and dialogue and which is centered on rights-based approaches at both the physical and digital levels.

As the use of digital technologies and services becomes more ubiquitous, the equitable and ethical application of technology will prove pivotal to the future sustainability of our cities and territories across the globe, especially in light of the Decade of Action. This is clearly reflected in the UCLG Decalogue for the post COVID-19 era, our political charter for the aftermath, inspired from the recommendations of our Live Learning Experience series, that is now guiding our international advocacy.

The recovery and post COVID-19 era must be centered on the principles of social justice, equity, and human rights with local democracy at its core and global solutions need to be powered by an inclusive multilateral system with local governments and communities fully involved.


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