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UCLG. Our Pact for the Future, promoted by our communities to address global challenges, is the roadmap for a new world.

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Cities and territories are prominent actors in the promotion of peace, solidarity, and local democracy and foresee a decentralized world with local multilateralism, strong community participation based on multi-level governance and rights-based approaches at both the physical and digital levels at its core.

As digital technologies and services become ubiquitous, the equitable and ethical application of technology will prove pivotal to the future sustainability of our cities and territories. This is clearly reflected in the Pact for the Future, adopted at UCLG’s World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders in 2022 in Daejeon, which constitutes the political vision of the local and regional government constituency and which will act as the basis for UCLG's workplan and advocacy for the years to come.

Through this Pact for the Future, local and regional governments restate their commitment to collective action, cocreation, and international cooperation and solidarity and stress that to fully achieve the universal development agendas, social justice, equity, and human rights with local democracy at its core must be powered by inclusive multilateralism with local governments and communities fully involved.

Read our Pact in English:

Read our Pact in Spanish:;

Read our Pact in French: https: //

"Digital rights must be at the center of our roadmap towards the achievement of the universal development agendas"

Emilia Saiz, Secretarny General of UCLG


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