Trombia Free: Another one sweeps the street dust

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A sustainable high power electric and autonomous street cleaning solution.

Trombia Free is the world's first high power electric and autonomous street cleaning solution. It utilizes state-of-the-art Trombia street cleaning technology, that uses 85% less energy and 95% less water compared to existing suction sweeping technologies.

Trombia technology has now been turned into full-scale full-power autonomous city and industrial cleaning device that can achieve over 10 000 m2 of cleaned area every hour with perfected PM2.5 dust removal performance.

Trombia Free Launch - Autonomous Street Sweepers

12129424280 Smart City Expo City viewAutonomous and carbon free PM2.5 dust removal

12129424280 Smart city expo City view 2Remote-monitored high power city cleaning


Smart Cities World: "Full-power autonomous street sweeper" Check out

Autonomous Vehicle International: "Trombia launches autonomous street sweeper" Check out

Recycling Magazine: "First high power autonomous street sweeper" Check out

Trombia Free - Digital Brochure Download document

PM2.5 Dust sweeping - Knowledge Kit Download document

Trombia - Waterless Sweeper Attachments for wheel loaders Download document


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