How cinema envisions cities? Access a curated selection of classic and modern films starring cities

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The present and future of cities is written on the screen

Cities are sophisticated, beautifully complex organisms that cinema has always tried to decode. Tons of films mirror what cities are, unravel what they strive to be, and even envision what they might become far into the future. Whether it’s sci-fi dystopias, Woody Allen’s portraits of New York, or Jane Jacobs’ and Frank Gehry’s chronicles about the battle for the city... cinema shows us infinites views – bright or bleak – of what’s ahead for cities.

Tomorrow.City, together with VoD platform Filmin, now presents a curated collection of movies and documentaries that stir the debate around cities. As part of the Tomorrow.City community, you can enjoy an exclusive 2x1 offer on Filmin subscription (get 2 months for the price of only one). The Filmin platform is only available in Spain, Portugal and Mexico right now, but rapidly expanding to other countries!

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filmin logo Launched in 2008, Filmin is an award-winning online VoD platform leading the distribution of less commercial movies and series – a flagship project for cinema enthusiasts looking for a great complement to the latest blockbusters.

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