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Metropolis, the Global Network of major cities and metropolitan areas serves as the hub and platform for metropolises to connect, share experiences, and mobilize on a wide range of local and global issues
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Metropolis aims to bring to Smart City Live its experience as a network that connects major cities and metropolitan areas around the world. Focusing on the importance of knowledge sharing and international cooperation, will present innovative answers to questions that are facing all the urban areas across the globe. The session will present a comprehensive work on emergency policies and management at the local and regional level, looking at the urban transformations that are being implemented at the metropolitan scale from a long-term perspective. Metropolis will provide a comprehensive analysis of how local and regional policies in response to the current global health emergency impact on the urban population, identifying opportunities and challenges faced in metropolitan areas.


Octavi de la Varga
Octavi de la Varga
Secretary General of Metropolis
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