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Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Latin America and the Caribbean toward a Smart and Cybersafe Region, with Data!

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In the last 10 years the IDB has been working with different municipalities, governments, academia, and allies with the vision to transform Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) into a Region of Smart Cities to respond to current and future urban challenges. Even though some LAC cities are making great progress toward this journey, among the more 17,000 LAC cities, there are still many willing to seize the untapped opportunities and leverage technologies, people and processes for better management and delivery of public services. The journey toward Smart City together with Digital Transformation imply the generation of huge amounts of data (Big Data) that must be protected and when properly analyzed, has the potential to produce valuable insights to support evidence base decisions and the formulation of public policies. In this session we will have fruitful discussions that combine Smart Cities, Big Data and Cybersecurity themes as follows: (a) Montevideo’s paths toward becoming a Smart City, (b) Recife’s case on leveraging Big Data Solutions for addressing urban challenges, and (c) the cyber risks and recommendations to keep our Smart Cities cybersecure.

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Mauricio Bouskela
Senior Specialist Smart City

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