Huawei Intelligent Operation Center: The brain and central nervous system of a Smart City
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A cloud-based platform to monitor city operations in real time.

An intelligent operation center acts as the brain and central nervous system of a Smart City, integrating and interconnecting information and processes, and providing a platform for cutting-edge technology, operations, and management.

Huawei’s Intelligent Operation Center Solution offers powerful, cloud-based Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure. Alongside specialist partners, Huawei can also offer a full suite of features, from city management databases, to data support and resource services, cross-agency applications, and planning for building city operation centers. The Smart City is here. The future is on.

Smart City Intelligent Operations Center


Intelligent Operations Center: A Smart Brain for City Management Check out

LNA: Building a Smart National New Area with Science, Technology, and Intelligence Check out

Huawei Intelegent Operation Center(IOC) solution brochure Check out


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