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Empowering the City Being with Intelligence and Vitality
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Through digital technologies, City Being enables intelligent urban development. Service awareness, data transmission, information analytics, and city governance applications — all relevant elements are integrated together to form a comprehensive digital system. This system's closed-loop service processes help customers maintain smooth city operations. As such, the Intelligent City Being is the fulfillment of Huawei's vision in the digital government field, implementing Intelligent Digital Twin architecture in a Smart City scenario. Huawei offers a series of solutions like this to help government customers succeed in digital transformation.

As Smart City development enters the deep water zone, we must coordinate development plans at all levels and in all departments, build efficient data connectivity, and develop operations and management applications that are easy, effective, and enjoyable to use. We must build open, mutually beneficial ecosystems that will effectively boost local enterprise growth. We must come together and join forces, not only to achieve success together, but also to drive local economic development, to build Intelligent City Beings, and — ultimately —to create better urban lives


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Senior Marketing Director of Huawei Global Government Business Dept
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