How Urban Planning Can Help Karachi Tackle A Growing Heat Crisis

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There are two ways of tackling the risks associated with urban heatwaves: management and mitigation. Karachi seems well prepared with the former. There exists, at least on paper, a comprehensive plan directing authorities what to do before, after, and during such an event. The plan, a collaborative product of the Karachi Commissioner Office, Government of Sindh, and LEAD Pakistan, emphasises the need to disseminate information about the risks of high heat. Additionally, it employs a three-tier alert system and creates response protocols for local agencies. The plan is both an attempt to raise awareness about seasonal heat and a roadmap for how officials and the public can respond to keep the city and themselves safe in the event of a heatwave. It is a thorough and vital management strategy that, if effectively applied, increases Karachi’s preparedness to deal with baking temperatures.

+INFO: Tribune

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