How Can Society Get Involved with the Ocean and its Sustainability?

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Cities around the world are already urging the necessity of tackling the effects of the climate emergency. Coastal areas are even more vulnerable as their damages are evident: rising sea levels and temperature, acidification, plastic pollution, etc. What are the most urgent challenges we are facing? How can coastal cities become resilient? What will it take? What is the role citizens play? This session aims to answer these and more questions by combining ecology, scientific understanding and awareness efforts to make society become part of the solution through education and engagement.


Mons Badia
Mons Badia
COAMB President,
Association of Enviromental Scientists of Catalonia
Olga Cerezo
Olga Cerezo
Port Olímpic de Barcelona
Jordi Oliva Farriol
Jordi Oliva Farriol
Good Karma Projects
Emily Penn
Emily Penn
Co-Founder and Mission Director,

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