Have People Left Big Cities for Good?

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The shock of the pandemic was still fresh in August 2020 when James Altucher, a New York City comedy club owner, penned a LinkedIn article declaring NYC dead forever. Altucher wasn’t the only person to resort to these types of hysterics, but his article quickly went viral. Just a couple of weeks later, long-time New Yorker and comedian Jerry Seinfeld fired back in a New York Times op/ed, saying, “You think Rome is going away too? London? Tokyo? The East Village? They’re not. They change. They mutate. They re-form. Because greatness is rare. And the true greatness that is New York City is beyond rare.” Both Altucher’s and Seinfeld’s essays caused a stir and, since that time, many people continue to debate whether big cities like NYC can survive the turbulence of the pandemic.

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