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FIWOO, the first FIWARE-based IoT-Editor Platform

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FIWOO, the first IoT-Editor platform based on FIWARE in the market, that helps you to design your IoT ecosystem thanks to a Cloud platform with a simple user interface.

It allows the connection of your data, applications, devices, sensors and all kinds of hardware, in a single environment FIWOO is the Smart Cities platform of citizen-centric services that offers a complete easy-to-use software and hardware product, which managers obtain a global and integrated vision of their city, improving citizens’ quality of life and reducing environmental impact.



FIWOO allows applying data-based policies, analyzing and automating responses in real-time while gathering information from all over the city, creating active communication channels with citizens to solve their mobility, health or safety needs, among others.

FIWOO has a comprehensive Scorecard that will allow the monitoring of the objectives in a systematic manner, involving all levels of municipal organizational management. This makes the Government more open and transparent and, in turn, has a more efficient management of the services provided to the citizen.


Company Link: FIWOO

Product Link: FIWOO



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