EyeVi Mobile Mapping System: Bringing cartography to a whole new level
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An on-demand mapping technology for transport infrastructure management, consulting and solutions companies.

EyeVi offers an on-demand mapping technology, a full mobile mapping solution for capturing high accuracy geodata in a cost effective way and fast using AI. The product encompasses sensor-agnostic mapping hardware set and a software package that enables an easy to use end-user platform through their processing pipeline.

Raw data can be extrapolated, processed, and more than 20 features extracted. It enables self-driving cars, digital asset management, traffic assessment, digital twins, and unlimited possibilities.

EyeVi MMS Assembly

DSC 7965EyeVi MMS mounted

DSC 7893EyeVi MMS


GIAP & EyeVi to revolutionize Polish road networks Check out

EyeVi demonstrated flexibility during the worldwide pandemic Check out

Mapping technology that can empower autonomous vehicles all around the world Check out

On-demandmapping technology Download document


Company Link: eyevi.tech

E-mail: sales@eyevi.tech

Contact Phone: +372 5555 8989

Product Link: eyevi.tech/pricing

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