SCHRÉDER EXEDRA: Lighting up cities
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An IoT platform to control the performance of streetlights.


Schréder Group is committed to delivering the best service to its customers and to accompany them on every step of their smart lighting journey. As such, Schréder Group is delighted to announce the launch of Schréder EXEDRA, a brand new IoT platform for smart lighting and smart cities, to deliver the best value to its customers worldwide. Schréder EXEDRA will go live from November 3rd, 2020. Efficient public lighting management can generate important energy savings, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the impact on the environment.


Schréder EXEDRA is the most advanced lighting management system on the market for controlling, monitoring and analysing streetlights in a user-friendly way. With this new platform, city managers can remotely control the performance of streetlights, dim the streetlights' brightness according to specific needs, generate and manage tickets, easily create reports and interact with other sensors and devices installed in public spaces. Schréder EXEDRA’s system architecture is open and interoperable, standardized, cloud-native, simple, flexible, scalable and secure.



Company Link: SCHREDER


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