Eurocities, the network of large European cities, creating resilient, future-fit cities with and for citizens
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Eurocities brings together almost 200 larger European cities, representing 130 million people across 39 countries, to improve the quality of urban life. We strive for a Europe where cities are genuine partners. with the EU to create a better future. We put citizens at the heart of developments towards an inclusive, prosperous and healthy cities with future-fit local governments.

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European cities have been leading the way on smart city development for over a decade. Cities are pioneers in testing and implementing innovative, sustainable and integrated solutions to become greener, more efficient, and better places. Working at an EU and on local projects and initiatives, city governments have fostered territorial and multi-level collaboration and increasingly developed a broader smart city vision.

During SCL2020, CIOs share their vision on how the city CIO role is influenced by EU policy developments.


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