CITYSYNERGY: A holistic view into the heart of the city

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A SaaS platform to better manage cities.

CitySynergy is a SaaS solution that supports city operations by combining the capacity to define work processes with the abilities of integrating, correlating and visualizing data. It integrates all vertical domains, IoT’s and city applications, and measures, correlates, predicts and manages events in real time, enabling data-driven insights for long-term planning. CitySynergy empowers city & places’ management by promoting decisions based on predictive analytics and a powerful digital twin. It includes:

• A platform containing the city operator user interface, allowing the visualization of the reported incidents, performing root-cause analysis and escalating issues for resolution.

• Command Center, as the solution is meant to be applied in a command center

• Executive Dashboard allowing decision makers to have access to real-time data about the city through their own devices

• Citizen & Field Management App, apps used by the citizen and field management teams, with direct connection to the platform.

CitySynergy brings valuable benefits to decision makers, citizens and city’s ecosystem players, namely: Efficiency gains and cost savings in the short and long term; Citizen and user engagement, satisfaction and quality of life, by providing a modern and connected city; Monitoring and decision-making processes, through real-time data and historical analysis; Ecosystem collaboration fostering innovation and synergies within the community, including companies, citizens, NGO’s and local governments.


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