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Citizen communication platform that integrates several services such as a public spaces incident management module, by GECAR

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GECOR allows either citizens or municipal technicians to register incidents in public spaces, with all the useful information for its resolution.

The platform is also integrated with all the different channels thought whose incidents could be reported: IOT sensors, mobile App, web, email, telephone, face-to-face citizen attendance offices, or through other systems via an API available for such integrations.

  1. The incident, through classification algorithms, is automatically sent to the area, department or the exact person that is in charge of solving it.

  2. Once solved, the citizen or technician who detected the incident is automatically notified. Incident management can be evaluated by citizens. All this process is managed and monitored inside Gecor. And that gives municipal managers tons of useful information for decision-making, that they can visualize in Gecor Dashboards. Currently, Gecor is evolving to a transversal city platform, that will integrate different services, a mobile city app that integrates all the rest of apps (public transport, tourism, etc.) under a single user ID.

In this line, we continue working in integrating different services that can be useful for the citizens and visitors, to improve their experience when interacting and participating with their municipality.

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